Beneath The Baobabs Festival

  • ( 0 Reviews ) 0.2 km from Kilifi town Kes 9,000

Each year for the last 9 years, a vibrant international community of thousands of festival goers, artists, musicians, and creators gather in the Kilifi Wilderness. Amidst an enchanting plateau above The Takaungu Creek, Kilifi’s baobab forest becomes Beneath The Baobabs Festival (Formerly Kilifi New Year).

From December 30th to 1st January, embark on a remarkable journey as we celebrate a decade of the New Year Festival in Kilifi. Two days and nights of uninterrupted music that transcends boundaries. Step into a world where the rhythms of Afro-House, Amapiano, House Music and Techno meet Alte, Gengetone, Live Kenyan Music & Hip Hop, catering to every musical soul.

Join us and be a part of this magical milestone by securing your tickets now and ensure unforgettable memories are etched in time.


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